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Once Upon a Craft Rapunzel

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Bring the action-packed tale of Rapunzel to life with Once Upon a Craft™—featuring a Rapunzel storybook and two story-themed crafts! First, read the story together. Then, watch as your child's creativity climbs, building and decorating Rapunzel's tower and creating her own braided Rapunzel headband! When you're finished creating, use the crafts to play together or as props for your next reading of the tale. Read the story...Rapunzel storybook includes tips for reading aloud and additional activity ideas! Then bring it to life! Build and decorate Rapunzel's tower! Then, create and wear Rapunzel's beautiful braid!

The nitty-gritty:

· 24-Page, full-color, illustrated storybook, Rapunzel

· 5 Printed foam castle pieces

· 3 Sheets of decorative foam stickers

· 10 Printed paper braid "loops" and a paper headband adorned with flowers

· Instructions