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Ark Pegables Fine Motor Shapes

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ARK's Pegables™ is a fun, interactive way for kids to play and learn.  This 14-piece set includes:  2 "Big C" shapes, 2 "Small c" shapes, 2 u shapes, 4 long straight shapes, and 4 short straight shapes.  Mix and match the different pieces to create everything from a jellyfish to a bear to the Eiffel Tower.  Practice letters in both upper and lowercase.  Work on comparisons (such as big vs. small) and spatial relationships (such as top, bottom, between, over, left/right).  Create faces to discuss different emotions.  Build a sailboat with the young sailors or a cake for the birthday boy/girl.  Prompt children with an idea, or give them a template to match, or let them come up with their own creations.  The sky is the limit!

Each Pegables™ piece features a peg in its center - encourage children to pick up the pieces up by that peg to practice their fine motor skills.  Each Pegables™ piece also has ridges on the top and texture on the bottom - run your fingers along these surfaces for extra tactile learning / sensory information.

  Designed, manufactured, and assembled in Columbia, South Carolina, USA by ARK Therapeutic.  Adult supervision recommended.  Highly recommended for visual and/or hands-on learners.  No BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, or latex.